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Emotional Marketing … Your way to winning the heart and satisfaction of the audience! 

Emotional Marketing … Your way to winning the heart and satisfaction of the audience! 


emotional marketing It is a type of advertising that primarily uses emotions such as happiness, fear, or anger to determine consumer reactions. 

This type of marketing increases social engagement and buys advertising products. It can also increase brand loyalty because trust is created between the audience and your brand, in addition to improving the user's buying experience. 

But is it easy to conduct emotional marketing activities? 

Marketers tend to focus on conversion rates, impressions, engagement rates, and bids, which is why they forget about the emotional appeal of advertising.

 According to research in Psychology Today, people respond more to the emotional part of an ad than to the text of an ad. On the other hand, ads that elicit strong emotions usually achieve good results. 

The Hub Spot study showed that the most engaging ads depend on emotional content, because emotional marketing evokes many emotions, including happiness, friendship, and inspiration.

In this article, we will show you the main highlights of emotional marketing and how to create it 

How do you create compelling emotional marketing ads?

 Most PPC professionals use the basic formula to create ad copy which includes three main points: keywords, CTA, and unique selling points. 

Fortunately, Google offers more space to create extended text ads, where you can adopt emotional ad copy and create effective communication with potential customers, which is part of emotional marketing. 

Here are some emotional marketing tips on how to create great emotional ads: 

Check what your competitors are offering, especially if you find that they are using emotional marketing, you can take their ideas and develop and improve them. You can use this the tool To monitor your competitors.

 List the benefits your product offers, and you can create customer surveys to understand their views on your product and its benefits. Connect the emotional strength of your product to the image, which should reflect the emotional value of the speech. Feeling is one of the main reasons why people prefer to use many products of a particular brand.

Use the following examples of influencing emotions in your ads to motivate people to buy your product by triggering one of the following emotions:

  1. instant gratification

 People often expect to get what they desperately need in many aspects of life, even if their needs are wrong. The urgency of your message to your audience enables them to act quickly to meet their needs immediately. 

When writing ads or promotions for posts that provide you with specific products or services that cater to a specific audience, it is best to add words and phrases such as today, now, 24 hours, instant access, and many other phrases that motivate the audience to take the action you seek. 

All of these aspects are important to the success of emotional advertising so don't make your audience wait, just give them what they want, and you can offer them discounts or contests to give them a chance to win and get what they want.

As a good example of this point I give you Lavent Law, a Miami attorney who takes a pragmatic approach to every case he deals with, has persuaded many people who have had accidents in Miami to use his services for their money, and has succeeded in evoking their emotions.

  1. happiness 

Many companies expect their customers to associate their brand names with smiles, laughter, and positivity. According to a New York Times study, articles that are most shared are positive and emotionally appealing. 

So, when creating emotional ads, remember that positive ads can help you get more engagement and increase your reach. 

For example, Coca-Cola's 2015 "Choose Happiness" ad is a powerful example of using the emotion of happiness for emotional marketing. The ad encourages consumers to share the happy memories and experiences they had that summer. Therefore, this ad was well received by the strong fans as it sparked their love.

  1. the fear

 Fear is a great marketing tool that can make people loyal to your brand, product, or service. Fear leads people to carefully investigate certain areas. They warned that if they do not take the necessary measures, we may face risks.

 Fear makes us think and act to prevent people from developing bad habits like alcohol, drugs and smoking.

Examples in this regard are World Wildlife Fund, which is promoting its awareness campaign on the harmful effects of global warming by creating public fear.

 The ad he's promoting shows how climate change will cause the Earth to emerge, and how this environmental issue will change the lives of you and your followers.

  1. Confidence

Nowadays, trust is one of the most effective motivating factors in emotional marketing, many brands are trying to skip the trust board in their ads, but before customers repeatedly trust you and buy from you, you must use emotional attraction ads to convince them to trust you. 

Try to be clear and open to your customers, everything should be clearly visible to everyone. Display customer recommendations on login pages and rating and review sites.

 To reduce consumer risk, you can offer a 100% money back guarantee, a free trial, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and more. Showcase the trusted brands you've worked with, and the awards you've won. Be accurate. Provide numbers, stats, and facts about your brand. All of these things help increase your customers' trust in you to a very large degree.

The office  The Law Offices of John Rapillo  Leading by example in using emotional marketing in a unique way, they build confidence in their clients to deal with them and refer to them by displaying their clients testimonials on the site with their full names attached.

  1. Sorrow

Using negative emotions such as sadness can help you express empathy. Many brands have noted the effectiveness of using emotional content in increasing public awareness of social issues such as violence, gender equality, poverty reduction, and immigration.

 Therefore, a balance must be maintained when creating any kind of advertising. When you use emotional marketing, there is no need to upset your audience and provoke the negative emotions that your brand creates, on the contrary, these emotions should motivate people to take action and donate money to improve the situation.

 For example, fired World Children's Organization Read to Me campaign in New Delhi to teach children to read and help them receive more education.

  1. anger

Using anger in advertising can make people feel uncomfortable about politics, environmental issues, political candidates, etc. Anger can elicit negative emotions, which in turn lead to negative effects. Brands that use these sentiments want to encourage people to solve important problems and reconsider their opinions.

 They want to show people the general situation and enthusiasm to improve the situation. For example, you use campaign Always 'Like a Girl A well-known problem to get more women's attention and encourage them to participate in sports and share their stories and the difficulties they face.

  1. affiliation

 Everyone seeks affiliation with a group, community, family, or social network, and because a sense of belonging can help customers meet their basic psychological needs, many companies use these feelings in emotional marketing to make customers feel part of a particular group in the company.

Arousing the emotion of affiliation is widely used in the field of sports, and is Rafa Club Cycling Club (RCC), a membership and subscription club is a great example of this aspect of emotional marketing, where the club provides people to ride bikes with club members within the city on a weekly basis as well as opportunities to travel around the world for sessions and meetings and meetings between them.

  1. guilt

Guilt is the toughest emotion. It is easy to get swayed by messages that make you feel guilt, which is why many non-profit organizations use guilt as a marketing tool in their advertising, but this can be very effective without any negative effects.

  1. Value

We want to show you how important emotions and values are in making purchasing decisions. Many promotions are directly linked to the emotional catalyst for making the best deal that can include time, price and money.

 Ensure that values are very subjective, and that many companies do their best to enhance the perceived value of their products.

For example, a group  Citywide Law Group on promoting the message “If you've been hit, you don't have to pay to win,” it is effective in evoking a sense of value. If you are injured or something bad happens to you, you will be compensated and your next life will be secured.

  1. Leadership

Consumers want to be the first to try out new products or services, brand promotions promote consumers’ desire to be leaders and be the first to try these offers or products and thus companies push them to complete the payment and purchase process, therefore, leadership plays a big role in promoting Your ads, emotional marketing, reach a large audience.

  1. pride

These sentiments are for all consumers who want to appear smart and take pride in making a good choice, they want to be proud of their organic food purchase, bestselling book or any purchase of value for money. It's hard to use these sentiments because everyone has different needs and wants, and you need to do deep marketing research to back up your proposal with strong arguments.

in conclusion

We like Sumt Point out that the use of emotions in your ads directly influences your target audience's buying process, and there's a popular saying: "People don't buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons." No matter what you aim to evoke in your ad whether it's happiness, fear, belonging or confidence, emotional triggers should resonate with your target consumers, adding enough facts and information about your products to increase the chance of buying.

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